Liudaokou forestry university next to the wencheng jie block community hardcover one-bedroom rental

Xueqing Road 25


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Beijing Aimeijia Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd.

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6700 RMB
~ 891 EUR
~ 1048 USD

Partly Furnished
60 m2

Property Description

Housing price: The rent is 8500 yuan per month. You can sublet it if you don't stay Housing introduction: The interior decoration is exquisite, the daylighting is spacious and bright, the furniture and appliances are all available, the civil water, electricity, gas, roommates equally assume! Enjoy the comforts of life! Three live together, the house in the wencheng jie block community, can register for accommodation, the house to empty. Upstairs can see forestry university campus playground. About the community: Wencheng jie block residential area internal environment is elegant, residential greening more than 30%, residential property management is perfect, live here is very safe, the surrounding facilities are mature. Surrounding area: A number of traffic lines in the community, to provide you with convenient travel conditions. Shopping is very convenient for life. There are supermarkets, hairdressing shops, dry cleaners, pharmacies and large shopping shopping malls around. Location: It is 1.9 kilometers away from tsinghua university, 10 minutes by bike to the east gate of tsinghua university, and 28 minutes by walk. After leaving the gate of the community, 883 meters forward to the liudaokou subway station, travel is very convenient. There are 711 convenience stores with full-time convenience stores downstairs. If you go to tsinghua university forestry university language university international friends can consider this house, two students can live, can also handle the registration of accommodation.

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Property Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Filter
  • Balcony
  • Bathtub
  • Dryer
  • Elevator
  • Floor Heating
  • Oven
  • Pets Allowed
  • Short Term Allowed
  • Terrace
  • TV
  • Wall Heating
  • Washing Machine
  • WiFi Included

Compound Features

  • Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym/Health Club
  • Playground
  • Garden
  • Security
  • 24h grocery store



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Beijing Aimeijia Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd.

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YiJu FangYou, It is an affiliated company of Beijing Amica Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. As China's real estate brokerage sharing service platform, by integrating resources, building platforms and serving small and medium-sized companies, it has created a standardized and professional real estate brokerage network service, and brought a new business model for the second-hand housing service industry. It is aiming to coexist with small and medium-sized intermediaries, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between intermediaries and customers. In August 2018, in just 32 months, the number of brand stores of roommates reached 10,000 +, covering 56 cities. Now, we really want to offer various of high cost-effective housing resources for foreigners. By means of our strength, It is our hope to serve them better. We do would like to provide a set of guidances for them to live in China, such as transportation and travelling.

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